Exhibitions & actions


A stone's throw away - Transitions

The exhibition in Rotary House of Culture in Jazdów is a continuation of an artistic dialogue whose themes are: belonging; identity; femininity; the overlooked work of women; the act of celebrating and consecrating. The audience was invited to join the ceremonial procession with fabrics, jointly introduce the works to the house in Jazdów and read the meaning of the created space by giving the works titles.

pho. Hubert Pielas


Red Earth...A stone's throw away

The meeting organized in 2022 at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko was designed as creating another joint action, taking into account the specificity of the place. The exhibition was preceded by a meeting with Orońsko women, referring to the prehistoric past of the neighborhood area.

An activity was arranged in the Sculpture Park, consisting in jointly decorating silk banners with a decorative fringe. The effects of this meeting were later presented at an exhibition in the Sculptor’s House gallery in the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.

The event was attended by women from the Senior+ Club in Orońsko


Red Earth

The “Red Earth” exhibition was held in Naruszewo in 2021. The presentation of the works was arranged in a fire station, a space operating outside the traditional gallery circuit, but closely related to the contemporary development of rural culture. The musicians Wiesława Gromadzka, Katarzyna Rosik and Katarzyna Zedel were invited to the event.


Action Red Earth

The continuation of the exhibition “Starting point” was the artistic action “Red Earth ” organized in Omięcin. One of the elements of the meeting was a procession with silks in the form of banners, to which the local community was invited. Coming out with silk pennants depicting images of work aprons was an attempt to “elevate” or even sanctify the work and history of the women who wore them. The result of the event is also the film “Red Earth ”.

The action was attended by:

Wieslawa Gromadzka, Boguslawa Lisek, Dariusz Maj, Henryk Niewadzisz, Piotr Piasta, Hubert Pielas, Marzena Pielas, Danuta Rejczak, Teresa Stępień, Patrycja Rozłucka-Wasik, Krzysztof Wasik, Katarzyna Zedel


Starting point

The exhibition entitled “Starting Point” took place on October 18, 2020 at the “We Dworze” Foundation in Rzuców and was the first joint action of Joanna Dziewanowska – Stefańczyk and Marta Łabęcka. The works presented at the exhibition were related to the places of their childhood – the villages of Naruszewo and Omięcin in Mazovia. They are an inspiration and at the same time a symbolic starting point for both artists.

pho. Hubert Pielas

The Collective

I create the “A stone’s throw away” collective with Marta Łabęcka. The beginning of our activity is October 2020 and the exhibition “Starting point” at the premises  of the “We Dworze” Foundation in Rzuców. The area of our activity are artistic projects. Context and place are very important to us. We are interested in organizing artistic and educational events combined with the activation of the local community. So far, our activities have taken place in the countryside, where, in our opinion, the involvement of the community in communing with art is of great educational importance. At the moment, we are interested in topics such as belonging; identity; femininity; the overlooked work of women; the act of celebrating and consecrating. We are happy to organize exhibitions and meetings in non – artistic spaces outside the main gallery circuit.